Rumble Fighter Update

Rumble Fighter Update

It has been announced that Rumble Fighter has received an update after 6 years entitled Rumble Fighter: Reloaded. This update features what North American fans have awaited for years. Among the improvements are new in-game areas, bosses, items, events, a daily quest system, and the much anticipated social Plaza.

Key Features:

* Plaza - Take a break from fighting and meet friends in the Plaza, a new gathering place for players to unwind, chat, and even go fishing , another new feature for players to fish for rewards.

* Quest System - Providing a new way to improve and reach the top, players can now earn great rewards by completing daily quests.

* D-H-SBASE - One of the toughest yet, this brand new Adventure Mode scenario challenges players to infiltrate Dr. Nature's D-H-SBASE and defeat Big Dog to gain Boss Mode Set pieces.

* New Battle Maps - Two new war-torn maps, Basseterre Bridge and Overpass, offer challenging feats to overcome. Both maps are available in both Battle Mode and Rumble Mode - Arena.

* New Items - In addition to a new Random Box (that players can open for rare items), the newly released Scrolls and ExoCores allow players to unleash special powers and fighting tactics. Players can even show off their signature fighting styles with matching costumes.

* Improved Training Mode - Players are now able to train on various maps, toggle training NPC settings such as movement and attack types, and recall training NPCs to their current location.

To kick off Rumble Fighter: Reloaded, a wealth of engaging events will be hosted for prizes from July 26th to August 2nd, 2013. Furthermore, players can earn a free Mystery Box Silver when they log at least one hour of playtime every Wednesday.

For more information on Rumble Fighter: Reloaded and its events, check out the official Rumble Fighter website at