Free Game Download For PC Amiga ClassiX 4

Free Game Download For PC Amiga ClassiX 4
Wow, look what we found here! Magnussoft's new release of their Amiga ClassiX series. We all love amiga games, however Magnussoft does not seem to respect the old amiga coders very much. Even so little they did not want to pay for the licenses so they decided to code a cheap menu to launch winuae with, download some roms from the old amiga scene and hoped someone would buy it. Bad bad Magnussoft! Making money of the work of elite groups such as Skid Row, The Star Frontiers and Quartex. I wonder how the developers of these games would react to this. So don't buy Magnussoft, buy a joint and share it with us.
1. Unpack
2. Burn/Mount
3. Install
4. Launch