Free Game Download For PC America’s Army 2.0

Listen up, maggot, because you’re only going to hear this once. You’ve just enlisted into the United States Army and everyone knows exactly what you’re thinking. You think you’re going to go out into the field, gun down every crazed terrorist in sight, and come back home with a medal in hand. Think again; that is not how the Army works.
Free Game Download For PC America’s Army 2.0

You are expected to use standard-issue army equipment. You are expected to work closely with your buddies and follow instructions. You are expected to identify your targets before you fire. Most of all, you are expected to not act like an invincible hero. There are no re-spawns, extra lives or power-ups to find here; when you die in this game, you are out of the round forever!

If you don’t think you can handle that, then go try one of the hundreds of other shooters on the market. Combat in America’s Army 2.0, also known as Special Forces, is as real as it gets!

Aiming For Realism

Forget everything you have learned in previous first-person shooters. Don’t think for a second that your old tricks are going to work here; there is no circle-strafing, rocket-jumping, spy-checking, bunny-hopping, or any of that other nonsense. America’s Army: Special Forces does not aim to give you constant slam-bang action. It’s here to deliver the most authentic combat simulation that your computer can handle.

  • Friendly fire is always on. Check your targets and take special care to avoid shooting your teammates.
  • Death is permanent. There is no re-spawning; if you die, you’re out until the next game begins.
  • It takes only a few hits for either you or your enemies to die. Be quick or be dead!
  • Fire from three positions: on two feet, while crouched, or while lying prone on your stomach.
  • Aim your gun freely or look down the iron sights for better accuracy.
  • Switch between multiple firing modes, including single, burst and automatic. Firing modes vary from weapon to weapon.
  • Learn to run, crawl, hurdle and climb over and past obstacles.
  • Guns can jam if treated irresponsibly. Don’t get caught with a disabled weapon in the open; fix it fast!